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I enrolled on this year-long e-course of Kim Klassen's in April, since it sounded awfully interesting - working with photos, textures and who knows what. I fully knew that I wouldn't be able to do anything about it for the first few weeks, since I was going to be travelling for the best part of May, and that meant April was going to be busy with all the preparations.   
Back home again, I'm trying to catch up now with the course.
Day 1 Challenge was to write My Creative Story, which will stay private at least for the time being. 
Day 2 Challenge is called Just Enough, and the idea was to keep it simple - a simple topic with plenty of negative space. Well, here's my attempt. The giraffes are standing above my Mac in our study. I used Kim Klassen's texture Awaken to lighten the image slightly.

I'm not too happy with it, though... and I know stills are going be difficult for me. But that's what this is all about, challenging myself! I seriously hope I'll come up with some better pictures later on.
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I originally decided to take a photo every day in December, at least until Christmas. Of anything around. But then, our trusty 4-year-old camera or its memory card failed me, and ate all of yesterday's photos. Luckily I cannot even remember what it was that I photographed. For today, I had some more interesting photos too, but these were the only ones I could recover.

Food. Yeah, go me. And I still feel bad about not having the fried filets here.

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The Finnish Independence Day. Nothing like the American equivalent, we don't celebrate with fireworks or picnics. The latter might be understandable because of the season?

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We had a nice frosty morning, and of course I couldn't resist taking a few more pictures of the frozen beauty all around our yard.

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Incredibly, the pansies were still on flowering at the beginning of December. They weren't actually growing anymore, it had been too cold. Can't remember a year like this over here in the north. Usually the most persistent ones just might last until October.

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Just ironed some clothes for myself for going to town. Am so much looking forward to going to town with [ profile] quatorze today.

While ironing, couldn't help thinking about Dad. It's quite endearing so see him struggle through the everyday household chores and proudly tell me about the progress he has made. He first learned to do his laundry and now has taught himself to do the ironing as well. Life must and will go on.
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On Saturday, [ profile] quatorze's parents came to help us clear away some - well, quite a few actually - alders from our backyard. Here are some snapshots, before and after. )
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My Interests Collage! )
Create your own! Originally Written By [ profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [ profile] darkman424
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Today certainly turned out to be slightly different from what I expected. I thought I'd plant myself firmly by the computer and bang away dog show entries. Well, I did this for a while, cursing people who send incomplete info via e-mail, and then decided to book a car. Only then did I realise that I needed an international driving licence, since the Finnish one, although valid in the UK, does not contain one word of English. Phoned [ profile] quatorze, who understandably was not too pleased. After the call, still quite put out, I progressed to find out if it just might be possible to get a licence anyways. Found a local number to call with a most helpful lady who said yes, it's possible, she'd type it today and go to the police station the first thing on Monday morning to have it confirmed.

So some driving around ensued - [ profile] quatorze came to pick me up, we went to have lunch together (which was very nice, we don't get to do that too often) and afterwards I drove to town. Now I have taken a copy of my driving licence and a photo of me to the friendly lady who promised to call me on Monday, filled up the car so [ profile] quatorze doesn't have to worry about that tomorrow when she drives off to the north to teach there again, visited the chemist's and, as an act of random frivolity, bought some hair dye for both of us as well as a couple of CDs. Took care of finishing the booking of the car and just received the confirmation as well. I suppose now I might go back to where I was a few hours ago. Show entries, here I come!
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A day full of show-related activities.

See here for the full report. )

Just consider, my weekend was very peaceful when compared to that of my better half.
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Some more snapshots from the photo safari on Saturday. )
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Travelled north with [ profile] quatorze yesterday, she went to work, I to attend a meeting. But of course my meeting didn't take the five hours she spent working, so I went on a photo safari with the young ladies - I had Foxy and Little Bitch with me. We walked around in the beautiful sunshine, then in the deepening dusk and finally in moonlight. I took about 120 snapshots. That ought to mean that there might be one or two decent ones. Here's one.

Towering over you Towering over you

Travelling north on a bright winter day. Occasionally the snow-laden trees on the roadside just seem to lean over you. Snapshot through the car window.

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After a most talkative session of German with my aged and most eager students went to town. I have now officially started preparations for the holiday trip to Britain: went to photographer's to have a passport photo taken, then to the police station to make the application for a passport. I know I have one - the lady behind the desk there checked and told me I'd still have a passport valid until 2011, but what's the use - I just don't know where it is. Or rather, I have a vague idea of its whereabouts. It's somewhere in the black hole of the old house. So I had to report it missing and pondered quite a while just how I would tell about it getting lost. Ended up telling about the move and assuring there is no reason to suspect anybody else might have the said passport. I'm going to get a new one in about three weeks.

Now to teach some more German. After that I'll fetch [ profile] quatorze home and then we'll do some serious business with certain show results.


Dec. 28th, 2005 11:10 am
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Just have to vent some.

I'm going seriously mad with the accommodation arrangements for the judges. As if it wasn't enough that our usual hotel (we'll see if they're the hotel for us next time!!) has failed to provide the rooms we need, I now realise I'll have to consider a) how the people are travelling, since if they use their own car, the other hotel might not have heating for their car and possibly b) what time they start judging both days.

And just now I got a call from our man-in-the-field who tells me the cabinet for our dinner on Saturday cannot be separated from the main restaurant because the Russian hotel guests are having a party! That's one good reason why it should be!

I think I'll have some lunch now, take the doggies out if they choose to wake up, and then attack the papers again. I must get the letters out today, but I can't do that before I know who sleeps where...
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Such a fun day yesterday! [ profile] quatorze drove home during her lunch break and we went to town, padded along the main street turned into a yearly market event and went to see some clothes sales. For the price of half a paint bucket of paint I got myself two pairs of trousers, a pair of shorts and a blouse. I think it's a very nice thing that the summer sales usually start around the time when we start wanting/needing something new to wear.

We had a nice Chinese lunch in the street, bought some strawberries and cherries, bought an ice-cream on our way back and all in all, enjoyed a nice summer midday. Somehow we managed to spend two hours in this, which of course is far more than [ profile] quatorze's lunch break, so I drove her to work.

When I got her home (Fozy again in the van with me, boy was she hot there, poor thing), we started painting. It was about nine when we finished, and then I took this picture )
Our house is beginning to look like a proper house, yay!

Today I've been dabbling with some photos, nothing remarkable. Still so hot that the doggies rather lounge indoors, thank you very much for asking. Tonight, they'll have to join us in the yard as we do some more painting, but that'll be in the shadow, and they'll be happy enough. More painting!! It's nice to be able to see what you have accomplished.
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[ profile] quatorze is away at a doggy event with Foxy. She (Foxy) is not participating, more like disturbing and begging for attention. Meanwhile, I've finally uploaded something to deviantArt - have hardly poked my nose there for months, and even then it has taken ages just to quickly go through everything on my watch list.

And even now, it's not poetry I wrote. Instead, uploaded a wallpaper, Touch of Frost there. I quite like it, although I confess I'm only a dabbler both with Terragen and Photoshop. But I really enjoy dabbling with them, and that's the point, right?

Today I read again the four chapters of Flight of Fancy I've managed to write - and it has only taken me a year and a half, or something like that. Hah. Wasn't too pleased with it, either. Like Han Solo, it does have it's moments, but not too many of them. ^___~ Chapter 4 is all wrong and because of that (and other reasons), there are things seriously amiss in the previous ones as well, as I was sort of aiming to it while writing them. Which means I have to rewrite the whole damn thing. But now I'm actually beginning to feel motivated to try it, thanks to the talks we've had with my lovely [ profile] quatorze recently - nothing to do with writing, but with the story itself. Oh, I love the story and know it, yes, I'd love to tell it, but the fact is I've never written anything but poems and very short stories, and this is not going to be short. Well, better start working then, hadn't I?

Doggies are getting restless, as it's past their dinner time already. I'm getting some serious complaints soon, but am not going to give them dinner before all the family is there.
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The stones arrived last night while [ profile] quatorze was away. I have to confess to being slightly taken aback when I saw the amount.

Here's the pile... )

Well, it's going to take quite a few times of pushing the wheelbarrow to get all that around the house. Luckily it doesn't have to be ready in a day or two.

Had to unplug everything again today because of some thunder. It rolled around for quite a while, and there have been showers every now and then and clouds surrounding us all around. But while unplugged, did some preparation for next week's course - have a sort of a script for most things in my mind, still there's a lot to do there, but I don't enjoy planning the lessons before I get to meet the people. I also noticed I have been most shamefully neglecting singing. The fact that I don't have singing lessons or ensemble rehearsals shouldn't mean I do nothing about it! So I did. But heavens how I miss the ensemble singing! Not hearing any other voices than your own feels just so - incomplete.
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Today's been a Violet Rescue day. Expecting a few tons of pebble today, I've rescued quite a few violets from among the sand, stone and gravel on the yard. Me being quite obsessed with our rather new digital camera, I of course had to take a few pictures before digging them up.

Violets, sand and stones )

They are tough, those violets. I never planted them in the first place, they just somehow took root among the gravel after I always broke away the withered flowers from last year's violets and chucked them away on the yard. And as soon as the ground thawed enough, up they come. I quite love them, the little toughies. Now I just hope they'll survive my uprooting them and placing them in a pot. But I can't imagine why not.
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For some reason [ profile] quatorze would wish to read me rambling about something... It's been more than half a year since I've typed anything, I see. Foxy had just come then, heavens. Now she's a fine young lady already who of course comes to demand to go out immediately as I start typing. *sigh* To be continued after a while.
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