Jan. 26th, 2006

aigha: (Owl)
After a most talkative session of German with my aged and most eager students went to town. I have now officially started preparations for the holiday trip to Britain: went to photographer's to have a passport photo taken, then to the police station to make the application for a passport. I know I have one - the lady behind the desk there checked and told me I'd still have a passport valid until 2011, but what's the use - I just don't know where it is. Or rather, I have a vague idea of its whereabouts. It's somewhere in the black hole of the old house. So I had to report it missing and pondered quite a while just how I would tell about it getting lost. Ended up telling about the move and assuring there is no reason to suspect anybody else might have the said passport. I'm going to get a new one in about three weeks.

Now to teach some more German. After that I'll fetch [livejournal.com profile] quatorze home and then we'll do some serious business with certain show results.

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