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Such a fun day yesterday! [ profile] quatorze drove home during her lunch break and we went to town, padded along the main street turned into a yearly market event and went to see some clothes sales. For the price of half a paint bucket of paint I got myself two pairs of trousers, a pair of shorts and a blouse. I think it's a very nice thing that the summer sales usually start around the time when we start wanting/needing something new to wear.

We had a nice Chinese lunch in the street, bought some strawberries and cherries, bought an ice-cream on our way back and all in all, enjoyed a nice summer midday. Somehow we managed to spend two hours in this, which of course is far more than [ profile] quatorze's lunch break, so I drove her to work.

When I got her home (Fozy again in the van with me, boy was she hot there, poor thing), we started painting. It was about nine when we finished, and then I took a picture of the progress we had made.

Painting Progress 1

Our house is beginning to look like a proper house, yay!

Today I've been dabbling with some photos, nothing remarkable. Still so hot that the doggies rather lounge indoors, thank you very much for asking. Tonight, they'll have to join us in the yard as we do some more painting, but that'll be in the shadow, and they'll be happy enough. More painting!! It's nice to be able to see what you have accomplished.

on 2005-07-10 06:18 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Hi... swinging by from Quatorze's LJ.

The house is really looking nice with these colors (ehh. Are those the ROCKS in front? of one of her recent entries?)...

In any case, nice pic. I like how you make your pictures look like little paintings; very nice.

on 2005-07-10 09:48 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Glad you like it! We are mightily pleased with it.

And yes, those are The Rocks. Not all the sixteen tons of them anymore, since the major part of them has been placed around the house (if you look carefully, you might see them there in front of the house).

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