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A day full of show-related activities.

First took [ profile] quatorze to teach the future stewards, then came home for a couple of hours to check the calculations for next year's big show.

Having hurriedly taken the doggies out and given them something to chew and a puzzle-box each, drove back to [ profile] quatorze and her eager students with Foxy, this time to help her supervise and check their tests.

After the test, took [ profile] quatorze to the airport and returned to the club headquarters. I knew I'd have about half an hour before the people I'd summoned there for a little talk would arrive, so I started doing some further calculations about the big show and realised there have to be some serious rearrangements.

Had "a little talk" for about two and a half hours. Foxy kept me company, expressing to everybody how happy she was that they came, hooray. Finally when she realised we were not going to do anything more exciting than sit around the table, leaf through some papers and talk, she settled down to sleep at my feet. An endearing little devil, that's what she is.

Came home, called Mom, had a call from Sis (that hasn't happened for ages!) and sat by the computer to finish the calculations. Noticed that "some serious rearrangements" will probably mean rewriting the list more or less completely. Damn. It absolutely will not do to have one judge doing 16 dogs while another has 164 to judge. *headdesk* Sent the calculations to the others and told them to do some thinking about it.

Then worked some on the April show, compiled a list of addresses from three last year shows, sorted the entries very smartly, made a pdf and sent it to the president.

Have fed the doggies, said good night to [ profile] quatorze by SMS and will take the animals out and crawl to bed so that I manage to get up at the unearthly hour of six in the morning to meet [ profile] quatorze at the railway station.

And just remembered I'll meet a new student for private lessons tomorrow. Oh joy.

Just consider, my weekend was very peaceful when compared to that of my better half.
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