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Today certainly turned out to be slightly different from what I expected. I thought I'd plant myself firmly by the computer and bang away dog show entries. Well, I did this for a while, cursing people who send incomplete info via e-mail, and then decided to book a car. Only then did I realise that I needed an international driving licence, since the Finnish one, although valid in the UK, does not contain one word of English. Phoned [ profile] quatorze, who understandably was not too pleased. After the call, still quite put out, I progressed to find out if it just might be possible to get a licence anyways. Found a local number to call with a most helpful lady who said yes, it's possible, she'd type it today and go to the police station the first thing on Monday morning to have it confirmed.

So some driving around ensued - [ profile] quatorze came to pick me up, we went to have lunch together (which was very nice, we don't get to do that too often) and afterwards I drove to town. Now I have taken a copy of my driving licence and a photo of me to the friendly lady who promised to call me on Monday, filled up the car so [ profile] quatorze doesn't have to worry about that tomorrow when she drives off to the north to teach there again, visited the chemist's and, as an act of random frivolity, bought some hair dye for both of us as well as a couple of CDs. Took care of finishing the booking of the car and just received the confirmation as well. I suppose now I might go back to where I was a few hours ago. Show entries, here I come!
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