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On Saturday, [ profile] quatorze's parents came to help us clear away some - well, quite a few actually - alders from our backyard. Here are some before-and-after pictures I took.

Before 1 Before 1

Backyard full of rather tall alders.
Picture taken 16.9.2006
After 1 After 1

More or less the same shot as the previous one, with the alders gone - and you can actually see the birches that were there all the time!
Picture taken 16.9.2006
Before 2 Before 2

A second shot before the harvesting, with Quatorze's Dad entering the scene for some serious business.
Picture taken 16.9.2006
After 02 After 02

Thanks to Quatorze and her Dad, so much fewer alders, so much more birches!
Picture taken 16.9.2006
Before 3 Before 3

You really cannot see any other trees for all the alders, can you?
Picture taken 16.9.2006
After 3 After 3

But now you can make out the birches - and the remaining alders...
Picture taken 16.9.2006
Where did this passage come from? Where did this passage come from?

Suddenly there was a sort of a small clearing visible. Perhaps next year one might actually make out the brook behind this all?
Picture taken 16.9.2006
What is left of the alders What is left of the alders

This is what remained of the alders - in addition to the pile of wood on our front yard, waiting to be cut into firewood.
Picture taken 16.9.2006

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