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Tuesday again. Which usually means I've got some time to do some non-work-related things, such as learning my parts for the ensemble. Today I have spent the time on Horizons, but haven't updated, and won't, before I get clearance to do so from [ profile] quatorze about the Sidetracks to Jainah and Dorelion and Revnash. Which means late tonight at the earliest.

Have also been learning some stuff for the ensemble. *sigh* It really seems that I am no longer able to sing the lowest alto (the bass in our barbershop songs). I used to, for a long time, when we started singing together five years ago. But about two and a half years ago I started taking singing lessons and found out I had been doing most everything wrong... it's really been hard work to learn how to do things in the correct way, so that I wouldn't be doing any damage to myself. I have learned, bit by bit, and now I can begin to say that I have learned something.

But there's this problem with our ensemble... our lowest alto has so far been present in one rehearsal out of seven this autumn, and so we really can't count on her to do the low parts. I would be willing to do it, and said last time I'd re-learn the bass part for one song we'd done years ago and start learning another. And I have brushed up on it. But the problem remains: my low register is not really low enough, if I sing proper. I am a mezzo. I would really be far more comfortable nowadays singing the part one octave higher! *another sigh* I'll just have to talk it over with the others tonight.
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Uploaded [ profile] quatorze's latest chapter of Ravens to Distant Horizons. Go me! For once I managed to do that (almost) immediately after she finished writing the chapter, and didn't leave it sitting on the Mac for a week or so. *beams* I even remembered to send the announcement of the update to the people on our mailing list. Aren't I clever now? :D

I have even prepared all today's lessons. Now I just might have some time to spend tweaking a poem or a pic... or browsing through LJ?
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Blame her, [ profile] quatorze my partner, for getting me started on this one. I've seen what happened to her when she started her LJ - addiction, that's what I call it. Not that I'd mind, in many ways it seems to be a healthy addiction, but one does feel a bit apprehensive about reaching out to something so evidently addictive....

I'm currently feeling awfully pleased with myself. [ profile] quatorze went away for yesterday on her Oriental Dance camp, and left the computer to me. I have dutifully kept it company and designed the layout picture for her new story, Ravens, Owls and a Nightingale. And not only have I designed the picture, I also coded the new layout for it on our site and uploaded it, complete with the first chapter. *broad smile*

It did take me a while, though - I started before noon yesterday, and it was two o'clock in the morning when I finished. Of course I didn't sit the whole time doing it, but anyway. Now I only hope it'll please the author herself. She'll be back in a moment, in high spirits, having danced herself legless and enjoyed it tremendously. And she'll want to take the seat by the computer. And I can't wait to see what she'll say of the design.

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