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Thunder and rain.
The power has been gone three times today. Briefly, but anyway.

I actually managed to upload the last entry by means of this LJ client I downloaded. Handy, yes, but not completely compatible with our Mac. Made Finder freeze several times. So I decided Phoenix had better go, and I'll be typing these entries in the browser.

Last weekend I did something I haven't done for a looong time - finished a poem. It's something that has been drifting about in my mind and in my notebook for months. I suppose what was needed was really the effort... to sit down with it, try out this and that and the other until you have the pieces. I'm rather pleased with it now, have posted it in FictionPress and uploaded on Distant Horizons, and actually might post it here, too. Just to try out a LJ cut...

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Yesterday I even did some more writing. Actually, I spent most of the day with Thoren, writing chapter 5 of Flight of Fancy. It's been ages! True, I have been doing some research for it, but not so much that a break of more than three months would be in any way acceptable. Just look at the rate with which Quatorze gets her stories written... I can't even bear to think everything she's accomplished meanwhile! Well, but Thoren is a bit tricky. I thought I had the beginning of the story as well as the outline for it well established, but then he decides I had better start far earlier and really get to know him properly. I'm not objecting, it's definitely interesting. And yes, it is the first story I'm writing in years. I did make quite nice progress yesterday, too. A pity today's no day for writing.
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Blame her, [ profile] quatorze my partner, for getting me started on this one. I've seen what happened to her when she started her LJ - addiction, that's what I call it. Not that I'd mind, in many ways it seems to be a healthy addiction, but one does feel a bit apprehensive about reaching out to something so evidently addictive....

I'm currently feeling awfully pleased with myself. [ profile] quatorze went away for yesterday on her Oriental Dance camp, and left the computer to me. I have dutifully kept it company and designed the layout picture for her new story, Ravens, Owls and a Nightingale. And not only have I designed the picture, I also coded the new layout for it on our site and uploaded it, complete with the first chapter. *broad smile*

It did take me a while, though - I started before noon yesterday, and it was two o'clock in the morning when I finished. Of course I didn't sit the whole time doing it, but anyway. Now I only hope it'll please the author herself. She'll be back in a moment, in high spirits, having danced herself legless and enjoyed it tremendously. And she'll want to take the seat by the computer. And I can't wait to see what she'll say of the design.

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