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On Saturday, [ profile] quatorze's parents came to help us clear away some - well, quite a few actually - alders from our backyard. Here are some snapshots, before and after. )
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Some more snapshots from the photo safari on Saturday. )
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Travelled north with [ profile] quatorze yesterday, she went to work, I to attend a meeting. But of course my meeting didn't take the five hours she spent working, so I went on a photo safari with the young ladies - I had Foxy and Little Bitch with me. We walked around in the beautiful sunshine, then in the deepening dusk and finally in moonlight. I took about 120 snapshots. That ought to mean that there might be one or two decent ones. Here's one.

Towering over you Towering over you

Travelling north on a bright winter day. Occasionally the snow-laden trees on the roadside just seem to lean over you. Snapshot through the car window.

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Such a fun day yesterday! [ profile] quatorze drove home during her lunch break and we went to town, padded along the main street turned into a yearly market event and went to see some clothes sales. For the price of half a paint bucket of paint I got myself two pairs of trousers, a pair of shorts and a blouse. I think it's a very nice thing that the summer sales usually start around the time when we start wanting/needing something new to wear.

We had a nice Chinese lunch in the street, bought some strawberries and cherries, bought an ice-cream on our way back and all in all, enjoyed a nice summer midday. Somehow we managed to spend two hours in this, which of course is far more than [ profile] quatorze's lunch break, so I drove her to work.

When I got her home (Fozy again in the van with me, boy was she hot there, poor thing), we started painting. It was about nine when we finished, and then I took this picture )
Our house is beginning to look like a proper house, yay!

Today I've been dabbling with some photos, nothing remarkable. Still so hot that the doggies rather lounge indoors, thank you very much for asking. Tonight, they'll have to join us in the yard as we do some more painting, but that'll be in the shadow, and they'll be happy enough. More painting!! It's nice to be able to see what you have accomplished.
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The stones arrived last night while [ profile] quatorze was away. I have to confess to being slightly taken aback when I saw the amount.

Here's the pile... )

Well, it's going to take quite a few times of pushing the wheelbarrow to get all that around the house. Luckily it doesn't have to be ready in a day or two.

Had to unplug everything again today because of some thunder. It rolled around for quite a while, and there have been showers every now and then and clouds surrounding us all around. But while unplugged, did some preparation for next week's course - have a sort of a script for most things in my mind, still there's a lot to do there, but I don't enjoy planning the lessons before I get to meet the people. I also noticed I have been most shamefully neglecting singing. The fact that I don't have singing lessons or ensemble rehearsals shouldn't mean I do nothing about it! So I did. But heavens how I miss the ensemble singing! Not hearing any other voices than your own feels just so - incomplete.
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Today's been a Violet Rescue day. Expecting a few tons of pebble today, I've rescued quite a few violets from among the sand, stone and gravel on the yard. Me being quite obsessed with our rather new digital camera, I of course had to take a few pictures before digging them up.

Violets, sand and stones )

They are tough, those violets. I never planted them in the first place, they just somehow took root among the gravel after I always broke away the withered flowers from last year's violets and chucked them away on the yard. And as soon as the ground thawed enough, up they come. I quite love them, the little toughies. Now I just hope they'll survive my uprooting them and placing them in a pot. But I can't imagine why not.

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