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The stones arrived last night while [ profile] quatorze was away. I have to confess to being slightly taken aback when I saw the amount.

Here's the pile... )

Well, it's going to take quite a few times of pushing the wheelbarrow to get all that around the house. Luckily it doesn't have to be ready in a day or two.

Had to unplug everything again today because of some thunder. It rolled around for quite a while, and there have been showers every now and then and clouds surrounding us all around. But while unplugged, did some preparation for next week's course - have a sort of a script for most things in my mind, still there's a lot to do there, but I don't enjoy planning the lessons before I get to meet the people. I also noticed I have been most shamefully neglecting singing. The fact that I don't have singing lessons or ensemble rehearsals shouldn't mean I do nothing about it! So I did. But heavens how I miss the ensemble singing! Not hearing any other voices than your own feels just so - incomplete.
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Monday. On Saturday we had a singing gig with the ensemble at a local LC meeting. The audience was not terribly large and they were rather stiff, of the kind that think a smile might be considered too frivolous, but in the end they were responsive enough. We did elicit many smiles, approving nods and foot-tapping, and afterwards quite a few came to thank us privately. We sang a few old Finnish standards from the 40s to 60s and some Abba, it was exactly the kind of thing that suited our audience. Hey, and we're even going to get sort of a performance fee: compensation for the journeys, plus they promised to sponsor us new blouses!

Yesterday we fetched our new family member from the breeder. Foxy is eight weeks old, and a charming little rascal. She's very bright and energetic, but at that age of course sleeps a lot, so she tires pretty quickly. She's just on and off, on and off. The other dogs are rather puzzled about this little creature, but that's perfectly natural and nothing to worry about.

Today I had to leave them, including the baby, alone for almost six hours as I went to work, but it doesn't look too bad. She's a tough cookie, really. ;)

It's cold again, -20 C, and the car is very low on fuel and I still have to go to the evening lesson tonight. I really must stop at the first petrol station to refuel. Hope [ profile] quatorze is not very late with her shopping...
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Tuesday again. Which usually means I've got some time to do some non-work-related things, such as learning my parts for the ensemble. Today I have spent the time on Horizons, but haven't updated, and won't, before I get clearance to do so from [ profile] quatorze about the Sidetracks to Jainah and Dorelion and Revnash. Which means late tonight at the earliest.

Have also been learning some stuff for the ensemble. *sigh* It really seems that I am no longer able to sing the lowest alto (the bass in our barbershop songs). I used to, for a long time, when we started singing together five years ago. But about two and a half years ago I started taking singing lessons and found out I had been doing most everything wrong... it's really been hard work to learn how to do things in the correct way, so that I wouldn't be doing any damage to myself. I have learned, bit by bit, and now I can begin to say that I have learned something.

But there's this problem with our ensemble... our lowest alto has so far been present in one rehearsal out of seven this autumn, and so we really can't count on her to do the low parts. I would be willing to do it, and said last time I'd re-learn the bass part for one song we'd done years ago and start learning another. And I have brushed up on it. But the problem remains: my low register is not really low enough, if I sing proper. I am a mezzo. I would really be far more comfortable nowadays singing the part one octave higher! *another sigh* I'll just have to talk it over with the others tonight.

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