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[ profile] quatorze is away at a doggy event with Foxy. She (Foxy) is not participating, more like disturbing and begging for attention. Meanwhile, I've finally uploaded something to deviantArt - have hardly poked my nose there for months, and even then it has taken ages just to quickly go through everything on my watch list.

And even now, it's not poetry I wrote. Instead, uploaded a wallpaper, Touch of Frost there. I quite like it, although I confess I'm only a dabbler both with Terragen and Photoshop. But I really enjoy dabbling with them, and that's the point, right?

Today I read again the four chapters of Flight of Fancy I've managed to write - and it has only taken me a year and a half, or something like that. Hah. Wasn't too pleased with it, either. Like Han Solo, it does have it's moments, but not too many of them. ^___~ Chapter 4 is all wrong and because of that (and other reasons), there are things seriously amiss in the previous ones as well, as I was sort of aiming to it while writing them. Which means I have to rewrite the whole damn thing. But now I'm actually beginning to feel motivated to try it, thanks to the talks we've had with my lovely [ profile] quatorze recently - nothing to do with writing, but with the story itself. Oh, I love the story and know it, yes, I'd love to tell it, but the fact is I've never written anything but poems and very short stories, and this is not going to be short. Well, better start working then, hadn't I?

Doggies are getting restless, as it's past their dinner time already. I'm getting some serious complaints soon, but am not going to give them dinner before all the family is there.
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Thunder and rain.
The power has been gone three times today. Briefly, but anyway.

I actually managed to upload the last entry by means of this LJ client I downloaded. Handy, yes, but not completely compatible with our Mac. Made Finder freeze several times. So I decided Phoenix had better go, and I'll be typing these entries in the browser.

Last weekend I did something I haven't done for a looong time - finished a poem. It's something that has been drifting about in my mind and in my notebook for months. I suppose what was needed was really the effort... to sit down with it, try out this and that and the other until you have the pieces. I'm rather pleased with it now, have posted it in FictionPress and uploaded on Distant Horizons, and actually might post it here, too. Just to try out a LJ cut...

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Yesterday I even did some more writing. Actually, I spent most of the day with Thoren, writing chapter 5 of Flight of Fancy. It's been ages! True, I have been doing some research for it, but not so much that a break of more than three months would be in any way acceptable. Just look at the rate with which Quatorze gets her stories written... I can't even bear to think everything she's accomplished meanwhile! Well, but Thoren is a bit tricky. I thought I had the beginning of the story as well as the outline for it well established, but then he decides I had better start far earlier and really get to know him properly. I'm not objecting, it's definitely interesting. And yes, it is the first story I'm writing in years. I did make quite nice progress yesterday, too. A pity today's no day for writing.

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